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eLogistics: The online portal for managing logistics

eLogistics gives you access to all data as well as a direct connection to our transport and  warehouse management systems. eLogistics provides quick and easy information about all processes along the supply chain.  There are numerous functions available for handling, control and transparency. You can calculate freight charges, issue transport orders, track in-depth process sequences in the Warehouse, find the right products or perfect service for your logistics needs, or track your shipment in real time. We create maximum transparency thanks to consistent barcode scanning along the supply chain. 

The advantages of eLogistics at a glance

  • Full transparency across the entire logistics process chain
  • Time, cost and resource savings
  • User friendliness with the highest level of detail  
  • Individual adaptability of the system 

These functions are available in eLogistics:

1. productpilot: Directing you to the perfect product

With productpilot selecting the right product for you is easy. Using the tool, you can quickly determine the optimal or required transit times for your shipments within Europe. After entering the country and zip codes, you will immediately see which products from the entargo and vivengo product world best meet your shipping requirements.

2. freightquotation: Keeping tabs on all freight costs

With freightquotation you can quickly determine your individually agreed freight prices. Your price agreements with DACHSER are taken fully into account. freightquotation is the perfect tool for quick price information without extensive internal or external inquiries. Afterwards, you have the option of transferring your inquiry directly to transportorder to immediately create an order from your inquiry.

3. transportorder: Complete your orders with one click

With transportorder you can control your order management online. The system can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. This saves you time with pre-assignments and the automatic import of order data. Integrated address management ensures easy maintenance of your addresses. An import function for addresses from your ERP system completes the address management. Uploading documents, recording hazardous goods information, the sending of future orders and the use of your own NVEs are also possible thanks to networking with Domino.

4. shipmentpointer: Keeping you informed of the latest shipment status
With our shipmentpointer you can query the latest status of your shipment at any time quickly and easily – no previous registration necessary. Whether you enter your NVE/SSCC, HAWB & HB/L, job, delivery note, order or shipment number: shipmentpointer will find your specific shipment, while affording you the highest level of privacy to prevent unauthorized access. For mobile Tracking & Tracing there is the shipmentpointer app for iPhone, Blackberry or Android. It is possible to create an individual tracking link for each shipment, which outputs the current shipment status. You can then forward this link to your customers or partners. 
5. shipmentcontrol: All shipments at a glance

With shipmentcontrol, you can track your shipments seamlessly online – down to individual package level. All delivery information and the electronic proof of delivery are transferred instantly from the driver’s handheld computer to the central system. In real time, you can find out the name of the recipient, view their signature and the time of delivery and, if necessary, trace any deviations from the desired process. In addition, you can access DACHSER’s digital archive system in which photo documentation is stored on a shipment-related basis. It is possible to create an individual tracking link for each shipment, which outputs the current shipment status. You can then forward this link to your customers or partners. Shipmentcontrol offers Tracking & Tracing, not only for distribution logistics (shipmentcontrol send), but also for procurement logistics (shipmentcontrol collect). You can switch between views with a simple click and track shipments for which you are the consignee, as well as your collection orders.

6. warehousecontrol: Your window into the warehouse

With warehousecontrol you can track the process at the distribution centers down to the last detail – from order picking status to batch tracking. This enables you to check deletions and inventories immediately. With a link to shipmentcontrol you can monitor the entire shipping process up to the delivery of the goods.

7. deliveryorder: Getting your goods out of the warehouse

With deliveryorder, you can have your goods stored at our Warehouses prepared for delivery. You can customize deliveryorder to your specific needs. You are welcome to work with us to define the settings that are relevant to you and to show or hide individual functions.

8. invoicecenter: Manage your invoices online

You can access all detailed shipment-specific data online via our invoicecenter. Data is available in the form of PDF files, Excel tables and CSV files. Alternatively, this data can also be transmitted digitally via our EDI center. This saves paper and effort. With our batch invoice, you will only receive one single sheet of paper by post. Both the information required for the input tax deduction and all the information for a specific accounting period are listed here in summary form.

9. pallettpoolaccount: Your digital pallet account

pallettpoolaccount manages all your loading equipment that requires tracing, such as europallets or stillages. Specifically: If DACHSER accepts the loading aids, they will be credited to your palletpoolaccount, and debited accordingly upon return. You can download your account data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF at any time.